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-Water access on Lake Lavon

The Location

Bratonia Park is a short entrance road to a boat ramp, with bathrooms and a parking lot surrounded by woodland. Views of the lake are decent if standing directly on the boat ramp, although the view is partially obstructed by trees growing on the water edge.  

Just through the trees to the south is an RC Park where people often fly remote controlled planes and drones, so chances are good you’ll see something other than birds flying around here. If nobody is using the clearing around the landing strip then this area could be birded as well.

Birding Recommendations

A scope is likely needed here to ID ducks and grebes seen out on the water. Most species on your list will likely be passerines from the surrounding woodland.

Honestly there are better places to look for birds on the waters of Lake Lavon, as wells as better woodland habitat in the area.

Parks with more panoramic views of the lake include:
Brockdale Park
-East Fork Park
-Lavonia Park