• Nice rest stop with bathrooms, picnic tables, and water fountains.
  • Plenty of Live Oaks throughout the area to attract birds and provide shade.
  • Paved walking trails on both the north and south end.

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The Location

Although not a birding destination by itself, this rest stop is an easy place to take a break from driving and stretch your legs when driving to or from the Valley. The birds here always seem to be active, probably due to the abundant shade provided by all the Live Oaks.

The facilities are nicer than most rest stops in Texas, and one great thing about this one is the paved walking trails that make a short loop on either side of the property. The vegetation is allowed to grow a little more wild and natural, especially on the south side. The Green Jays that are almost always present on the south side seem to appreciate it.

Near the parking area on the north side is a water feature where water flows over some rocks and into a very small pond. Sometimes birds will fly down to drink.

Birding Recommendations

The whole property will take about 25 minutes to bird. But again, this isn’t a special destination, just a place to stretch your legs and see some birds in the meantime. So you won’t miss too much with a shorter visit.

Bluebirds are often one of the first species to greet you as you step out of your car and move toward the oaks. Small groups of Carolina Chickadees and Black-crested Titmice make their rounds through the trees, often with a warbler or three mixed in.

A family of Green Jays usually favor the south side. Woodpeckers occur throughout.

Interesting Notes

One of the birds that helped popularize this spot was a Painted Redstart that wintered here. It was seen fairly consistently in the nonbreeding months from October 2013 through November 2015. Although it hasn’t been seen since, the Redstart will often be the first thing birders fondly think of any time this rest stop is mentioned.