• Large pond with water year-round
  • Easy parking and walking along roadside
  • Property is managed to attract wildlife

Trail Length: .3 mi. from north to south pond edge


The Location

Slough Pond is an approximately 50 acre pond, easily viewable from Shallow Ford Road.

Shallow Ford Road

This property is managed specifically to attract wildlife, especially waterfowl. There’s a small flooded wetland behind the pond (not visible from the road), wood duck boxes on poles, and the pond is regularly stocked with fish which serves as a food source for certain birds. 

Birding Recommendations

A scope is needed to fully enjoy this location since birds near the back of the pond are too distant from the road to confidently ID, although this is still an enjoyable location with only binoculars.

Winter is the ideal time to visit Slough Pond to view the waterfowl this pond attracts. 

Spring can also be excellent and yield a great mix of migrating shorebirds.

Regardless of when you go, simply park your vehicle along the side of the road, grab your optics, and start walking along the paved road. The pond is east of the road, so be aware that the rising morning sun will be backlighting birds, making identification potentially tricky.