Trail Length: 6.5 miles total

-Easy to access pond
-Chance for Hutton’s Vireo

The Location
Although this hotspot is ranked second in Hays County, it’s mostly because people get it confused with Aquarena Springs (where Spring Lake is actually located) and report birds that were never actually seen at the preserve. With that being said, this hotspot can still yield good birds like Least Grebe and Hutton’s Vireo.

This 251 acre greenspace is located on a hill with rocky limestone soil and plenty of Ashe Juniper. Points of interest include the pond near Lime Kiln road, the brushy habitat at the very top, and the creek bed on the north side.

Birding Recommendations
Park in the Lime Kiln Road parking lot and make the short walk up to the pond. Look for Least Grebe. It often hides in the cattails but will likely come out if you wait long enough.
Hike the Exogyra trail to the top of the hill, work the brushy vegetation along the path once at the top. Black-throated Sparrow has been spotted here before.
Lastly take the Bluestem trail all the way down to the Buckeye trail. This will give you access to the dry creek bed and will lead you back to the pond near the parking lot. This about .8 miles of walking, although it may feel longer due to the elevation change.

Other Important Info
Trails on the hillside will be slick after rain, watch your step.
It’s easy to get turned around in this greenspace. Consider downloading this map to take with you.