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Trail Length: Up to 1.25 mi.

-Easy to access
-Well maintained park with great walking trails
-Small creek on east side, large creek on north side, and a pond in the middle

The Location

Stagecoach Park is maintained by the city of Buda (pronounced Bue-dah). These 51 acres primarily offer Pecan dominated woodlands along the creeks on the perimeter, with a Mesquite woodland in the interior.

Facilities include restrooms and water fountains. There is one paved road leading into the park with three separate parking areas.

Birding Recommendations

An easy place to start is the historic house near the park entrance. Park in the first few parking spots you see on the right and begin searching through the large Live Oak trees that surround the house. Sometimes there’s only Chickadees and Titmice, but Nuthatches have been found here in the past.

Large Live Oaks behind the old historic house.

After moving your vehicle to the furthest parking area in the back, hit the gravel trails and begin exploring the grassy, scrubby Mesquite woodland. Keep a close eye on the Cardinals because Pyrrhuloxia occasionally show up here.

Walking path through shrubby mesquite.

During the winter sparrows will be everywhere, so brush up on your sparrow ID skills. Wrens will also be common including Carolina, Bewick’s, House, and sometimes Winter Wren.

During migration this park is good for Bell’s Vireo, and can be good for empidonax flycatchers.

There’s a pond in the north central section. It’s pretty to look at but it unfortunately isn’t much of a wildlife magnet. You may see a Killdeer, or if you’re lucky a Least or Spotted Sandpiper.

Overall this is a pretty good park to bird because the trails are easy to walk and there’s plenty of bird activity to keep you entertained.