• Easy access to San Marcos River
  • Good riparian woodland habitat

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The Location

Located on the San Marcos River and the Caldwell/Guadalupe county line, this location is riparian woodland habitat that will likely yield woodpeckers, bluebirds, Pine Warbler, and Red-shouldered Hawk.

It’s a very quiet, pleasant spot to spend 30-45 minutes birding, and you’ll likely have it to yourself except for the infrequent passing car.

Birding Recommendations

Park your vehicle along the road near the bridge and begin looking and listening as you bird your way to the river. The bridge has a walkway for pedestrian crossing so getting a good look over the water is easy.

After scanning the river, begin walking up the road and picking up species up in the trees and down low in the understory. The open woodland with plenty of mature hardwoods that grows along the river is great for woodpeckers, Red-shouldered Hawk, and other expected woodland species. Arrive early or late enough and Barred Owl is a good possibility.

The more open fields amidst the trees will likely have bluebirds. Raptors like Red-tailed Hawk and Turkey Vulture never too far off. In the winter months you may have flyovers like American Robins, blackbird species, and even flyover Sandhill Cranes.

A half hour of birding on a decent morning should yield 20-25 species.