• Access to the Colorado River
  • Well maintained area with plenty of large Pecans and hardwoods
  • Good for Empidonax flycatchers during fall migration
  • Bald Eagles nest nearby in the winter


Trail Length: ~1.25+ mi. to walk the whole park.

The Location

Located on the far eastern edge of Travis County on the Colorado River, Big Webberville Park is a multi-use park where spending a full morning can yield a list of 40+ bird species.

There is water access via a boat ramp and a wooden overlook platform, plenty of open space with picnic tables and bathrooms, and abundant large Pecans and Oaks scattered throughout the park.

The terrain is flat to gently rolling hills, and the grass is kept short by mowing so walking around is easy.

Note that if you plan on birding the whole park expect to spend at least 1.5 hours and possibly over a mile of total walking. Birding from the car isn’t a good option here, you simply won’t see much without exploring on foot.

Birding Recommendations

Most birders park at the southwest end of the park by the bathrooms. This puts you right in between the river and the open Pecan groves.

Spend some time exploring the dense vegetation that follows the river bank. Once at the wooden platform/fishing pier that overlooks the water scan for kingfishers. During winter months there will likely be ducks visible on the water, and flyover Bald Eagles are a possibility since they nest nearby.

The fields to the northwest of the platform and boat ramp, looking toward the power lines, always seem to have something. Possibilities include soaring raptors and vultures, flocks of cattle egrets, and grassland birds perched on the close fence line.

The large group of Pecans and Oaks at the center of the park can be great for woodpeckers, listen for calling Pileated Woodpeckers. This spot during fall migration, specifically August and September, is a good place to try for flycatcher species like Acadian, Willow, Yellow-bellied, Least, and sometimes Alder.

Additional Info

Click HERE for the Travis County map of this park which labels the bathrooms, fishing pier, and other amenities.