• Sweeping views of Lake Waco
  • Very quite park weekdays and during winter

Trail Length:
– 2.9 miles combined of woodland trails
– .35 miles of accessible shoreline

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The Location

Woodway Park is located on the shoreline of Lake Waco and overlooks the southern portion of the lake. The park is split in half long-ways by a wooded drainage, and all the walking trails meander through the woodland.

The northwestern half has more accessible space and features a mostly open field at its center with a pavilion and playground. This section also has nearly all the bird-able shoreline.

The other half of the park is accessed by its own road from Estates Drive. It leads to the back area with a small sports field and pavilion, and dead ends at a boat ramp.

Only receiving a few eBird checklists each month, this park still manages to make the top three eBird hostspots in McLennan County.

Birding Recommendations

Staking out a spot on the shoreline is a great opportunity to get birds over and on the water. Gulls and osprey are likely, plus probably a few small groups of ducks during winter. Least and Spotted Sandpiper is possible on the water edge.

Shrubby edge habitat created by the cut and manicured areas of the park can be quite birdy. Walking along the shrub and wooded edges around the perimeter of the park can be a good birding strategy here.

The woodland trails can be quiet but offer habitat diversity, and will likely get you a few extra species. Spring migration in late April and early May can be good for these trails. Keep your eyes out for warblers and vireos flitting through the taller trees.

The other half of the park is mostly wooded and feels more closed in. The stretch of road leading in can be a surprisingly good spot to bird and is likely worth walking.

The vegetated fence line on one side attracts birds low to the ground like sparrows and possibly a thrush or thrasher, while the woodland on the interior can attract woodpeckers, jays, and finches, all visible from the road.